Bhopal Police raids at hookah party, 20 minors handed over to childline

Sep 03 2020 03:49 PM
Bhopal Police raids at hookah party, 20 minors handed over to childline

Bhopal: There has been a huge uproar over the party being held in Hukkabar once again in Bhopal. This case is related to the TT Nagar area of the city, where the Hinduist organizations have organised a party in the Hookah Lounge at the Johri Hotel. After getting information about the ruckus in the hotel, the police also reached the spot and interrogated the minor youngsters holding a hookah party in the hotel.

Whether the hookah was being served to minors was intoxicated or not. Only after forensic investigation will anything be clear in this regard. It is being told that 20 minor boys and girls have been arrested from the hotel, which the police are interrogating. All the minors were having a hookah party on pretext of a birthday party. When the Hindutva organization objected to the children being drugged, accusing them of Philandring with the culture.

During this period, the organizations created a ruckus and reprimanded the employees of the hotel. On the news of the ruckus, the police rushed to the spot and pulled out the people who caused the ruckus. 20 minor boys and girls were found in the hotel, which has been handed over by the police to ChildLine and Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU).

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