Flex board in Kerala reads, 'Rahul can save Country and Congress'

Thiruvananthapuram: In Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram, flex boards of 'Call Rahul, Save Congress' have been installed. On Saturday night, Rahul Gandhi's flex boards were seen in many places in Thiruvananthapuram. There has been a demand in all these boards that Rahul Gandhi be given the leadership of the party. It is written in it that only Rahul can save this country and Congress. It has also written about the Navajivan Congress movement.

However, congressional groupism has also been discussed in this flex board. It has been written that the Kerala Congress should curb groupism. Such flex boards can be seen in the State Congress Committee and many other places in Thiruvananthapuram. Rahul Gandhi is currently a Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad in Kerala.

Just last week, a meeting of top leaders was called for the election of Congress President. 20 leaders of the party attended the meeting held at Sonia Gandhi's residence at 10 Janpath. According to sources, disgruntled Congress leaders in this meeting said that Rahul Gandhi should take charge of the party. On this, Rahul said that the role that the party will determine, I will play it. He said that elections will determine who will be the leader.

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