Air India will stop flying from tomorrow, airline will remain closed due to this reason

May 24 2020 04:34 PM
Air India will stop flying from tomorrow, airline will remain closed due to this reason

Bangalore: The lockdown in the country has been going on for the last two months to stop the spread of corona virus. Due to this the institute, shops and traffic systems are all closed. However, air traffic is being started from May 25 in many parts of the country. Airports will be opened in Bengaluru from Monday. 215 flights will operate from this airport.

While seven flights will fly for domestic flight at Chandigarh International Airport from Monday. Two more flights will be added for service from May 27, while four more flights will start from June 1. On Monday, nine flights will reach Jammu. It will include three flights from Srinagar, four from Delhi, one each from Mumbai and Gwalior. 380 flights will operate in Delhi. Out of this, 190 flights will come and 190 will go. However, the path is not clear for the start of operations in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. The Maharashtra government has expressed its inability to operate the aircraft since Monday.

The Maharashtra government says that it cannot start the airline from May 25. He has also told the Central Government the reason for this on Saturday. The state government says that its big cities Mumbai and Pune are still in the red zone and there is a complete ban on traffic and movement of people in these cities. In such a situation, the airline cannot be restored.

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