Swedish startup builds car that can accommodate so many people

Swedish startup Jetson One has decided on a flying car. According to the startup, the vehicle is electric and is called vertical take-off and landing vehicle for a person. The company has come out with a video. It says it takes only 5 minutes to learn to fly.

Seating capacity of one person in a flying car: Reports suggest Swedish startup Jetson was founded by Peter Turnstrom and Tomas Patan in 2017. The company has also shared a video showing that the flying car has a seating capacity of a person and the car has 4 propellers at every corner of the vehicle. Simply put, it's going to be like a big drone.

Flying can take a short distance now: The company's founder Peter Turnstrom has said that there are some problems with battery technology right now that flying cars are facing difficulties, but the company hopes that with the progress in the area, vehicles are going to be able to fly for a long period of time in a few years. Its body is mostly made of aluminum and carbon fiber.



Customers may be available by 2022: where he has said that the car will now be able to fly for a period of 20 minutes and can accelerate above 102 km/hr. Jetson hopes to provide its customers with a one-seater electric aerial vehicle in 2022.

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