Follow these tips to keep your plants fresh during monsoon

Aug 03 2020 04:32 PM
Follow these tips to keep your plants fresh during monsoon

The monsoon season has come, which means that you have to take some care in relation to your health and the people around you. Apart from this, you should also take care of your habitat and ensure that it does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Plant lovers and those who have their own garden will know that taking care of plants becomes a task in the monsoon. Today we are going to tell you some simple tips that you need to follow, if you have a lot of plants at your residence and want to keep it safe.

* The thing about the monsoon month is that it can start raining suddenly. If your plant is placed somewhere where it will get plenty of rain water, then you need to think on its condition. Place it somewhere where you can get enough sunlight and just the right amount of water.

* If you are fond of gardening, then make a determination that it is important to mix the top soil in every situation, because if it is not very porous, then the water will not be able to get in and reach the roots.

* It is also necessary that you keep a tab on insects that can feed on the plant and damage it. The monsoon is notorious for attracting pests anyway. All insects, except earthworms, need to be removed carefully. 

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