Consuming more vitamins during corona period can be harmful

Aug 03 2020 03:09 PM
Consuming more vitamins during corona period can be harmful

In order to avoid corona infection, it has become very important to strengthen the immune system. To strengthen the immune system, people are using a large number of tablets and capsules of vitamins. But its use in large numbers is harmful for health. According to health experts, corona infection cannot occur easily if there is sufficient amount of vitamins in the body. To increase the level of vitamins in the body, using tablets and capsules of large amounts of vitamins is also a risk of many diseases.

Sick of high intake of vitamins
According to a report, many patients are coming out in different cities of India who are sick due to excessive use of vitamins. Using a large number of vitamins can cause health problems.

Excess intake of vitamins can cause these problems
Excessive use of vitamins can cause problems like stomach irritation, sore throat and fatigue. According to a report, the use of vitamins supplements should be avoided.

Loss of excess of Vitamin A
Vitamin A is helpful in keeping the eyes healthy. According to a research, to increase the number of vitamin A in the body, using a large number of vitamin A supplements causes damage to the eyes. According to many experts, vitamin A should be supplied only by food.

Loss of Vitamin E Excess
A few years ago, the American Heart Association did a research on the effect of Vitamin E on the body. According to this research, consuming large amounts of vitamin E can reduce eye light.

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