Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer Shubhra Paul Banker on her journey of creative, unique and beautiful life

Instagram Sensation Shubhra Paul Banker is the owner of Gastronomic journal which is a virtual journal, a digital magazine and an image gallery on Instagram with all the delicacies of food and blend of travel and lifestyle. She is a popular travel and food blogger that has created a storm on social media with a glimpse into her creative posts and exotic reels about food, travel and lifestyle.

Food blogging is on an exponential rise and so are the food bloggers amid the advent of social media and technology. Needless to mention, exceptional food and its tastes becomes the reason of travelling for many people and renowned food blogger Shubhra Paul Banker spares no effort in giving the insider tips on top local food to try, the best restaurants to visit across the state of Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Her each and every creative post perfectly resonates with the heart of any creator.

Passionate about food and enthusiastic about blogging Shubhra’s success story seems to be the commitment to working insanely hard every single day. She gave 100% of her efforts every day with whatever it took with tons of sacrifices and work along the way. The same is evident with the rising 79k followers on Instagram and over 3 million impressions a week. There’s nothing more than a dream and Shubhra had made a home for her wishes in the stars that had gotten stronger with time and strategies.

She always had an inclination towards photography, food culture and lifestyle and she developed a passion around it gradually on creating something beautiful, creative and unique inspiring millions of people with her insane amount of work through Instagram since 2018. As being an influencer is equally challenging unlike any other job. However, Shubhra is of the view “The best businesswomen across the world are those who can communicate well, understand the client’s needs and be on top of their game at all times. Hence marketing and advertising your brand plays a big part in reaching new customers and leaving a good first impression but offering effective and innovative services will ensure satisfaction. Only through effort, innovation and selflessness one can attain the best results”

She says “To set your boats on fire you must move out of your comfort zone, there might be fear taking refuge of various uncertainties you must get rid of it. One must never forget that patience is crucial and if you truly want to achieve something in life you must always tie a knot that it’s only persistency and consistency that have the ability to unlock your potential of while being patient.”

Today a successful food influencer Shubhra’s journey was never smooth, once an overweight Shubhra’s balanced healthy diet clicked her to take pictures of food and travelling and create a content to connect with the audience. She even advices people to unleash the creativity on influencing to reach innovation. 

Instagram - @gastronomicjournal

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