Food Department team raids illegal hookah bars in Kanpur

Sep 09 2020 01:40 PM
Food Department team raids illegal hookah bars in Kanpur

Kanpur: The Allahabad High Court had banned the hookah bar in the past, but even after that, hookah bars are being run in several districts of UP. Recently, a food department team in Kanpur has conducted raids on such illegal hookah bars. According to information received, the food department team raided two hookah bars in Swarup Nagar. In the meantime, the team first raided the Arabian hookah bar and recovered a huge quantity of hookah.

After the team conducted a raid at The Laser in Swarup Nagar, the food official said, "There was a report of the operation of the illegal hookah bar. When our team arrived, people were smoking hookah. The operator has been fined 8,000 rupees. The process of cancellation of the license will also start." Corona infection is currently spreading rapidly across the country. In view of the spread of the infection, the Allahabad High Court had ordered to close the hookah bars.

The court has issued an order to the UP Chief Secretary not to allow him to run hookah bars in any restaurant and café, and the court had also commented on the matter and said, "If the hookah bar is not banned immediately, there may be a community spread of coronavirus." The court also asked for the report to be submitted by September 30.

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