Foods to avoid to prevent illnesses in winters

Winters come with a risk to our immunity system. The risk of catching diseases easily increases. With the nip in the air, comes the infections and the illnesses.

Winter chill gets our body more prone to certain diseases and it becomes necessary to prevent them and protect the body. This year already corona has disturbed everything. Many people lost their lives while others are still struggling with it. Everybody knows what to eat in winters to boost immunity and produce heat in the body, it is not common knowledge about what foods to avoid.

But there are some foods that should be avoided in this season for maintaining immunity and better health. These increase the risk of diseases and infections and should be given a miss. Here are some foods that one should not consume during the winter season.

Dairy products

Curd, milk, buttermilk etc should be avoided at all costs in winters. These are inherently cold and condensed and can make your body weak.


Foods rich in sugar content like cakes, cookies etc should not be consumed. These cause inflammation and can disrupt the immune system.


Drinks like coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks etc that contain caffeine should be avoided in winters as they dehydrate the body.

Processed foods

Processed foods are not recommended for consumption in winters. The digestion of such foods takes time, which results in a delay in the production of energy in the body. 

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