JDU MP tried to commit fraud in the name of Speaker Om Birla, demands Rs 1 lakh

Sitamarhi: JDU MP from Sitamarhi in Bihar Sunil Kumar Pintu was shocked to see a message from Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla suddenly on his phone. Sunil Kumar replied after receiving the message from the Lok Sabha Speaker on WhatsApp. Greetings and salutations. From there, a message was sent that Pintu Ji, how are you. He has replied that I am fine and I am in Patna.

Then, Sunil Kumar, and Pintu realized that this is a fraud number and an attempt is being made to commit cyber fraud. The message number had a picture of Om Birla in it. Then, a message was sent that I have to give a gift to a person. You send me 20 vouchers of five thousand rupees each through.

As soon as he received the same message, Sunil Kumar Pintu understood that there was a fraud happening to him. Sunil Kumar then immediately reported it to the Lok Sabha Speaker's office. It was learned that similarly, an attempt has been made to cheat many MPs in the name of the Lok Sabha Speaker. Sunil Kumar Pintu says that if an MP inadvertently gives money after seeing such a message, then the earnings of those people can be estimated from it. Sunil Kumar has called it a big cybercrime and said that strict action should be taken by the police in which the name of any dignitary is not used.

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