A drop of human blood helps the mosquitoes, a unique appeal by this man
A drop of human blood helps the mosquitoes, a unique appeal by this man

Many countries in the Southeast Asian region suffer from mosquito bite disease outbreaks of dengue and malaria. According to a World Health Organization report, nearly 22 million malaria cases were reported worldwide in 2017, and 4,35,000 deaths were reported. While a Frenchman has made a unique appeal to people about mosquitoes, you will be surprised to know.

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Emmanuel Karen, a journalist and animal rights activist by profession, tells people not to kill mosquitoes, but let them drink their blood. Karen explains the reason behind saying that mosquitoes feed on people's blood and feed their children.

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In fact, Karen was answering questions about animal rights on Komoto.TV, and when asked what to do if mosquitoes bite, he replied that all animals should be treated equally and should not be killed. At the same time, he went on to say that mosquitoes that bite people actually do so for protein because they are in dire need of blood for the growth of their eggs and children. So humans don't kill mosquitoes and let them drink their blood.

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