Friendship Day 2019: Places to hang out with friends

Jul 27 2019 09:46 AM
Friendship Day 2019: Places to hang out with friends

Friendship is something people choose on their own. This time the day is scheduled to come on August 4. If you want to make this day special, you may be a better option to visit somewhere. That's where you can plan trips with friends. Today we're going to tell you about low-budget places, where walking with friends is similar to heaven. So let's know about those places.

* Meghalaya: Meghalaya is the best place to hang out with friends. You can have fun with friends on the Living Route built here. The place is beautiful and you can also visit it on weekends.

• Rishikesh: Rishikesh is a tourist spot that is crowded with tourists throughout the year. If you are interested in water sports or adventure, you should visit Rishikesh with your friends. River rafting is the most enjoyed by the people here.

* Darjeeling: Darjeeling is beautiful and has many mountain peaks that you can trekking through. Places like Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu in Darjeeling are very popular among tourists. You can have fun with friends in Darjeeling as well as enjoy adventure trips.

* Ladakh: If you are fond of bike trips, you must travel to Ladakh with your friends. These road trips with friends didn't mean anything. The road trip to Ladakh is quite exciting.

* Thar and Cherrapunji: The fun of visiting a unique place with friends is something else. These places rarely go with family. Thar is the world's largest desert and if you are fond of playing with water, so you should come on a trip to Cherrapunji.

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