From Lohri to Makar Sankranti: Avoid These Festival Mistakes for a Seamless and Enjoyable Celebration
From Lohri to Makar Sankranti: Avoid These Festival Mistakes for a Seamless and Enjoyable Celebration

Lohri, a vibrant festival celebrated with great enthusiasm among Punjabis, holds special significance for newlyweds. The occasion involves lighting a bonfire, worshipping it, and collectively enjoying the festivities, particularly for those who recently tied the knot. The first Lohri after marriage is especially celebrated with grandeur, as the festival is considered auspicious for the newly married couples. Here are some essential tips for those experiencing their first Lohri in their new families:

Avoid Wearing Black Clothes:
While dark-colored attire is common during festivals nowadays, it is advised to refrain from wearing black on Lohri, especially if it is your first celebration post-marriage. Black attire is traditionally considered inauspicious during worship, and it is preferable to choose other vibrant colors for the occasion.

Do Not Include Impure Items in Lohri Offerings:
Items like revdi (a sweet delicacy), peanuts, and popcorn that are meant to be included in the Lohri celebrations should be kept separate for the worship. During the puja, refrain from adding impure or inauspicious items, as it is believed to bring negativity. Keeping these items aside before the ceremony ensures a pure and positive celebration.

Prepare Well:
Given the significance of Lohri for newlyweds, it is crucial to make an effort to look attractive. Women can choose traditional attire and adorn themselves with sixteen adornments (solah shringar), while men can opt for fresh and festive clothing. Being well-prepared adds to the joy of the occasion, making it memorable for the newlyweds and their families.

Plan in Advance:
For those hosting Lohri celebrations at home, planning in advance is essential. This ensures that the festivities run smoothly, allowing everyone to enjoy the festival without unnecessary stress or last-minute arrangements. Planning includes organizing the bonfire, arranging puja items, and preparing the special Lohri treats in advance.

Perform Lohri Rituals Properly:
For couples celebrating their first Lohri, it is important to perform the rituals correctly. After lighting the Lohri bonfire, the couple should take two rounds around it, offering items like jaggery, sesame seeds, revdi, peanuts, and popcorn. It is customary to do this barefoot, emphasizing purity and sincerity in the celebration.

The first Lohri after marriage is a momentous occasion for newlyweds, symbolizing the beginning of a new phase in their lives. By adhering to these tips and traditions, couples can ensure that their Lohri celebration is filled with joy, positivity, and auspiciousness. May the warmth of the bonfire and the spirit of togetherness make this first Lohri after marriage a cherished memory for the newlyweds and their families.

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