From making remixes to producing for Emiway
From making remixes to producing for Emiway

Abhishek Bhimte also known as Refix / Refixmusic is signed under Bantai Records and has another track produced for Emiway. It was teased 2 months back and people got hyped for this. After the action to the CHUSAMBA track, individuals are now anticipating more from Refix. The Side A of the album was released on 9th May 2022 and Refix got one track produced in that now individuals are expecting some more produced tracks in Side B of the album.

Refix's latest remix "Maar Dala X Satya" got extremely viral. Well, recognized celebrities are making reels on the remix.

No music producer in India has gotten this much exposure and growth in such less time other than Refixmusic. His reels are popular and with his creativity, individuals support his art.

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