Fruits bursting like firecrackers, even police are stunned after seeing strange trees

Barwani: Shocking news has come from Barwani in Madhya Pradesh. There are fruits found here, which are bursting like crackers. People found the tree in Umedara on Saturday when a person was injured in the bursting of the fruit. These fruits, which are about 7 kilometres away from Palsud in Barwani, are exploding by throwing them on the ground. When the police arrived here to investigate the incident, she was also surprised. When he threw the fruit to the ground, it exploded. He reported it to the forest department.

According to the news received, Shantilal Bhayal, a resident of Dehri Falia, was dragging a tree by cutting a tree from this tree on the bund of the field on Saturday. Due to this, the fruit exploded and he got injured. One of his fingers was badly injured. Hearing the sound of the blast and its scream, people reached the spot. When he saw the sight, he was shocked. When they reached the spot, some fruits were also lying on the ground. He did not touch the fruits and informed the police. Police reached the spot as soon as the news was received.

The policemen threw a fruit on the ground to experiment. It exploded when it fell on the ground. Thereafter, the police took samples of the fruit. On the other hand, the forest department team also inspected the spot and took a sample of the fruit. Both the departments say that only after the investigation, the situation will be clear what is this? However, officials say that they have never seen such trees before. He said that in China the seeds of a tree definitely look like smoke, but it is difficult to say about the tree planted here. Because we do not find these trees here.

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