Is it is right to eat fruits after having a meal? Here's what experts says

Who doesn't like fresh juicy fruits after a meal or breakfast. Fruits are good for health, but eating along with food and eating after meals can be bad for your health. Eating fruits on time is perfect. Experts have explained at what time the fruit is right.

When you take fruits with another diet, digestion takes longer, so that the food starts fermenting in the intestines. Do not add salt or yoghurt to the fruits if you have digestive problems like acidity, chest irritation and indigestion. Instead, mix the fruits in salads and eat them. Fresh fruit smoothies also look good. Eating fruits immediately after eating food prevents them from digesting properly, and also hinders the absorption of nutrients.

The right way is to eat the fruit one hour before eating or half an hour after eating. If you want to get more and more fruit nutrients, eat them when you are an empty stomach. So eating fruit first after drinking water in the morning is the best way.

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