Fuel started leaking from Patna-Guwahati flight, panic among passengers

Patna: A flight from Patna to Guwahati has been grounded at Patna airport after arriving from Guwahati on Tuesday. In fact, the aircraft was supposed to return to Guwahati from Patna, but fuel started leaking from a part of the aircraft. This was found in the investigation of engineers just before takeoff. Even after four hours of effort, when it could not be repaired, the aircraft has been grounded at Patna Airport itself. Airport sources have said that the technical problem of the aircraft was detected in time, otherwise a major accident could have occurred.

On Tuesday evening, 66 passengers from Patna to Guwahati have been boarded after security checks. The passengers' check-in luggage was also loaded in the aircraft, but before takeoff, when the engineer tested the aircraft, there was a sense of technical fault. After this, the passengers were informed about the malfunction in the aircraft and were asked to come out. When the aircraft was reported to be grounded late at night, the passengers started creating a ruckus.

During this time, they also had a scuffle with the airline employees. The passengers insisted on ordering another aircraft from the airline representatives. With the help of CISF, somehow the passengers were sent to the hotels. In fact, due to the absence of another flight to Guwahati at night, the airline could not send passengers. Many passengers had to go to another place after worshiping in Kamakhya. There were also some students on board the flight, who had an exam on Wednesday.

Couldn't leave even after waiting for 4 hours: The plane arrived on Tuesday evening at around 5:45 pm and was to take off at 6.15 pm. The passengers had to wait for the flight for four hours, even though they could not leave.

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