Fundamental tenets of the United Nations are in danger

United Nations Organization: The international system established by the United Nations is fragmented. The annual general debate was opened on Tuesday by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said "our world is in great peril."

Rarely has the United Nations achieved its high ideals. But it is hard to miss a time when its core values—supporting human rights, advancing international law and building consensus on peace—have been so risky.

Russia has violated the Charter of the United Nations by invading Ukraine. Despite meeting separately last week, neither Chinese President Xi Jinping nor Russian President Vladimir Putin will bother to attend a summit of world leaders in New York City.

Additionally, the recent floods in Pakistan indicate that for some countries, UN efforts to mediate agreements that reduce carbon emissions are already too late.

The United Nations once served as the center of wartime diplomacy. However, those times are long gone as Beijing and Moscow use their vetoes in the Security Council to thwart mediation efforts in situations like Syria and Ukraine. Council proceedings turned into a theater of absurdity as a result of the Russian invasion earlier this year.

Speaking against Moscow's "naked aggression" on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden will continue his recent trend, according to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. As Biden warned, the world is becoming divided in a conflict between autocrats and Democrats, and his predictions seem accurate.

Of course, opponents of the United States point out that, for example, with its wars in Vietnam and Iraq, it often appears to violate its principles of the United Nations.

Additionally, former President Donald Trump, who turned American diplomacy on its head by showcasing allies and praising dictators, could destroy Biden's efforts to preserve international law if he wins re-election. Huh.

All of this explains the unusually depressing tone of the speech, with the Secretary-General citing a lack of "cooperation, dialogue and collective problem solving", while "the reality is that we live in a world where dialogue and cooperation exist". The reasoning is. There is only one way forward."

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