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1- A Robber Comes Into The Store & Steals A TV.

A Blonde Runs After Him And Says, “Wait, You Forgot The Remote!”

2- Banta Built 2 Swimming Pools.

And He Left One Of Them Unfilled Y?

When Asked Him, He Said,

“Oye, That’s For Those Who Don’t Know Swimming.”

3- Q: What Do You Call A Caucasian Person Who Swims Across The Border Into Mexico?

A: A White Back.

4- Blonde: “What Does IDK Stand For?”

Brunette: “I Don’t Know.”

Blonde: “OMG, Nobody Does!”

5- Father To Son:

Whenever I Beat You,

You Don’t Get Annoyed,

How You Control Your Anger?

Son: I Start Cleaning The Toilet.

Seat With Your Toothbrush

6- Teacher Asked The Students To Tell The Most Common Word Used By Students In A Classroom.

Suddenly A Student Got Up And Said “Can’t Sir”!

Brilliant! You Are Right, The Teacher Said!

7- Mr. Smith: “Doctor, You Remember This Strengthening Solution You Prescribed Me Yesterday?”

Doctor: “Yes, What’s The Matter?”

Mr. Smith: “I Would Like To Use It But I Can’t Open The Bottle!”

8- Don’t Be Racist; Racism Is A Crime; And Crime Is For Black People.

9- A: Hey, Man! Please Call Me A Taxi.

B: Yes, Sir. You Are A Taxi.

10- Q: Why Was The Malaysian Plane Lost?

A: Because An Asian Was Driving It!

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