Game Over Review: Tapsee's film to be held in the Chair!

Jun 14 2019 03:53 PM
Game Over Review: Tapsee's film to be held in the Chair!

Movie: Game Over
Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Stars: tapsee Pannu

The first scene of the Bollywood movie ' Game Over ' released today will be enough to make your hair stand. The 27-year-old urban girl is murdered in a horrible way, and her head is cut down. The murderer does not stop as he then fires on the girl's body. The film is playing the actor Tapsee a video game designer who is trying to come out of her past.


Tapsee (Sapna) lives alone with her housemaid Kalama (Vinodini). While Sapna suffers from a mental illness, she feels suffocated when she comes to the date of the accident with her in the past, and she also continues to get a tremendous panic attack.

A terrifying twist in the story of the film comes when Sapna discovers that she who has made tattoos on her hand has no common tattoos but memorial tattoos. In the meantime, the tattoo's ink mixed The ashes of a dead bone, and the tattoos are built to keep their close. Further, Tapsee (Sapna) is reported to have been the ashes of the 27-year-old girl in the tattoo whose ashes are made to murder. You have to approach the theatres for further story.


In the film, Tapsee and Vinodini have won all the hearts with a very powerful actor, and Tapsee has given tremendous expressions on each scene.

See why...

If you like the thriller and the horror film, the film can prove to be perfect for you. You will see a mixture of both.


Ashwin Saravanan, who has direct the Tamil horror film ' Maya ' and ' Iravakalam ', has been directing the film in a very special way and will be a fan of his direction by seeing his film.

Newstrack Rating: 3.5

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