Ganga River Flows Above Danger Mark in Haridwar Amid Heavy Rainfall
Ganga River Flows Above Danger Mark in Haridwar Amid Heavy Rainfall

Haridwar: Due to incessant rainfall, the water level of the Ganga River has surged, and it is currently flowing slightly above the danger mark in Haridwar, according to a senior official.

At 9:00 pm on Monday, the water level was recorded at 293.25 meters, surpassing the danger mark of 293 meters in Haridwar.

Meanwhile, the Sub Divisional Officer of the Uttar Pradesh irrigation department stated that the rise in the water level of the Ganga in Haridwar might have repercussions in some districts of Uttar Pradesh as well.

"The water level of the Ganga has experienced an increase, reaching 293.25 meters at 9:00 pm. Low-lying areas could be affected, including districts like Bijnor and Muzaffarnagar. Nevertheless, the situation is not too critical, and major damages are not anticipated," said Shivkumar Kaushik, SDO of the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department. It is noteworthy that the Ganga originates in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and flows through various districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttarakhand has recently faced landslides and flood-like situations due to persistent downpours in the state. On Monday, traffic was disrupted when a 70-meter section of the National Highway was damaged near Gauchar town in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, as reported by officials.

Similarly, traffic came to a halt, and the Yamunotri pilgrimage was suspended due to falling boulders at multiple locations along the Yamunotri Highway over the past three days, owing to incessant rains wreaking havoc in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, officials informed.

In the wake of relentless rainfall in Uttarkashi, significant damage has been inflicted on the region's infrastructure and the livelihood of its inhabitants, as stated by an official.

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