Gaza crossing reopens as truce holds between Israel and Islamic Jihad

TEL AVIV: A ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants that was mediated by Egypt was still in effect on Monday, and crossings into the besieged Gaza Strip were once again open.

According to a spokeswoman for the Israeli army, since the three days of fighting that Palestinians claim claimed more than 40 lives came to an end late on Sunday, no additional rockets from the Gaza Strip have been shot towards Israel.
The official said that no fresh targets had been struck by the Israeli army in the coastal outpost. Israel also declared on Monday that border crossings into the Mediterranean coastline region would once again be available for humanitarian aid.

The "Breaking Dawn" military campaign was started with airstrikes against Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip on August 5. During the operation, two military echelons died.

The US and European Union have designated the organisation, which has ties to Iran, as a terrorist organisation. According to the Israel Defense Forces, the organisation had been preparing a significant border attack using anti-tank missiles. And so preemptive action was taken by conducting a wave of attacks against Islamic Jihad locations in Gaza.
Tensions began to increasee with the arrest of an Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank, Bassem Saadi, on August 1.

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