Ice cubes remove Pimples, learn how
Ice cubes remove Pimples, learn how

The use of ice or ice cube before makeup and during some beauty treatments is quite common. There are many benefits of this, which you may not be aware of. A small piece of ice cools your skin while simultaneously hydrating it and also helps to set your makeup base well. In addition, ice also removes skin problems like pimples. Let's know

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Removes Pimples 
The most common cause of pimples is seen, which is not cleaning the face properly and open pores. The situation on our face, only deposited pores or pores appear on the face in the form of pimples.

To get relief from pimples, the problem of open pores has to be fixed. For this, one should massage the skin with an ice cube. It helps to clean the face well. After washing the face with a cleanser, rub a small piece of ice on the face. Rubbing ice causes the open pores to shrink so that dirt does not accumulate in them and the face remains clean.

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Ice Cube is used before makeup
It is advisable to rub ice on the skin before applying makeup. Big makeup artists also adopt this method. This gives the makeup a good base and the makeup lasts for a long time. Apart from this, after cleansing the makeup, many people rub the ice cube on the face to hydrate the skin.

Ice Cube Hydrates Skin
Ice cube not only hydrate the skin, but it also cools the skin. Sweat and viscous hydro is reduced by applying ice or ice water on the face. It increases the blood circulation of the facial skin, which increases the glow and redness on the face.

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