Do these mistakes while applying mehndi to hair, you will not get good results
Do these mistakes while applying mehndi to hair, you will not get good results

It is beneficial to use Mehndi to make hair beautiful, silky, shiny and to give them a natural color. Your hair looks very beautiful with mehndi and a natural color also comes. Let me tell you, there are many benefits of applying henna but there is also a right way to apply henna. During this tour you make mistakes which may prove to be bad for you. So you should also know how to apply Mehndi.

1. Keep it soaked for a long time - To get a good color from henna, it should be soaked for at least 8-12 hours at room temperature. By soaking the henna immediately, you do not get the results you want, so keep the henna soaked for enough time.

2. Apply oil on hair before applying henna- Many people apply oil before applying henna on the hair. But the oil forms a layer on the hair, so that the color of henna does not climb well on the hair. To avoid harshness, apply conditioner after applying henna but do not apply oil before henna.

3 Using lemon juice- Many people use lemon juice mixed with henna. Lemon juice makes hair more dry, so do not use lemon juice in henna.

4. Use of ordinary water- It is necessary to have a little acid in henna but ordinary water does not have acidic properties. Therefore, black tea, coffee or wine can be mixed in henna and applied on the head.

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