Get Shiny and dandruff free hair with mustard oil

Jan 05 2019 02:53 PM
Get Shiny and dandruff free hair with mustard oil

Mustard oil is very sticky, but putting it on the head becomes hair darker and stronger. To remove the mustered oil, it is necessary to do some work. But this gives hair many benefits. Even if the hair mask can also be made with  mustered oil.

For long hair, mix it with Aloe vera gel and prepare your paste. For this, make a paste twice a week with 2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of Saraso oil. Now you put it well on the scalp and hair tip. Wash it after half an hour and wash it. If your hair is becoming stiff and lifeless, then use simple mask of sarson oil, curd and banana. For this, take a ripe banana well. Add 1 spoonful of Saraso oil and one quarter cup yogurt well. Put this paste on a scalp and wear a shower cap. Keep it like this for 1 hour, followed by shampoo. Use it once a week.

Use mustered oil, lemon juice and fenugreek seeds, soothe fenugreek seeds with shiny and dandruff free hair and grind them in the morning and make paste. Add 1 spoonful mustard oil, 1 spoonful of Fenugreek granule paste or powder and 2 teaspoon lemon juice from the root to the ends. Wash it after half an hour. Do this twice a week.


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