Now call with the help of your fingertip, know about the amazing technology

Aug 10 2019 09:54 AM
Now call with the help of your fingertip, know about the amazing technology

The entry of new gadgets is taking place in this phase of technology. This link now has a very special gadget entry that will allow you to make phone calls with your index finger. Italian tech giant Deed has created a gadget called Get. It works on bone condensation technology. The gadget can be worn as a bracelet on the wrist. After wearing this bracelet you can use the finger next to your thumb like a phone.

According to a media report, the gate bracelet, priced at $250 (around Rs 16,230), connects to your smartphone. Once connected, it converts the sound from the phone into vibration and transmits it to the index finger. Bracelet users only have to touch the finger on the ear to receive the call and talk. For outgoing calls, users can use bracelet voice resolution technology.

The technology used in the gate bracelet makes it very special. "Talking through the gate means getting rid of tapping, scrolling and using buttons," said company co-founder Emiliano Parini. Vibration reaches the index finger from the user's wrist so that the voice can be heard without a speaker. In addition to the features of the fitness tracker band, users can also make NFC payments. It comes with an inbuilt voice assistant. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that the gate bracelet is a smartband.

For your information, you usually find that if the earpiece volume of the phone is fast, the caller's voice is heard by people standing around. Users with the gate will not face this hassle. This device uses vibration instead of awaki. There is no question of the caller coming out of the voice. This bracelet does not contain any buttons or screens. It uses the user's voice and gestures. It's arguably going to change the way you talk on the phone. The company is currently raising funds for its production on the Kickstarter. The play is starting at $128 for users who support funding. Users can choose the size and color gate of their choice. The company will also provide a wireless charger with a gate at this price. Delivery will start from March 2020 and the company will charge $28 on the delivery charge.

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