'Get spit-free food here...', a unique campaign launched in Kerala

Kochi:A campaign is being launched these days in The Ral, which has increased communal tensions there. Some videos went viral on social media showing Muslim people spitting in food. This is followed by the 'Spit Free Food' campaign in Kerala. The campaign has been launched by Christian groups and advises customers to visit non-Muslim owners' hotels through social media.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is also running a muhim called 'Halal Culture' against the Muslim owners' hotel in Kerala. However, these campaigns have also increased communalism here. A group called 'Soldiers of Cross' is sharing a list of hotels through social media and claiming that spit-free food is served here. The Paragon Group of Restaurants in Kozhikode, Kerala, says that since the campaign began, there has been a campaign against their hotel.

Paragon Group owner Sumesh Govind said some people are using his name. We have been serving food to people for 8 decades without any bias, he explained. We don't know who's behind all this. He said it was a religious intolerance or a rival's exploit, but now he is going to complain to the police.

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