Ghar Ho To Aisa’s Swapna purti Ganesh Temple inauguration Unites Tradition in Vasai
Ghar Ho To Aisa’s Swapna purti Ganesh Temple inauguration Unites Tradition in Vasai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 22:In a display of persistent dedication to tradition and encouraging unity, Rashmi Group’s “Ghar Ho To Aisa Sanskar Trust” proudly reveals their spectacular Swapnapurti Ganesh Temple in Vasai East. With an air of spirituality and magnificence, this grand inauguration celebrates the rich cultural heritage that resonates within the community. Interestingly coinciding with the inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the event's spiritual significance is heightened, creating a profound connection between the two auspicious occasions. 

Overview of Rashmi Group and Their Commitment to Community Engagement

Rashmi Group, aka Ghar Ho To Aisa a trusted name in the region, has been seen at the forefront of community engagement and development for many years. With a focus on sustainable growth and social responsibility, they have consistently contributed to the betterment of the community.

The group's commitment to preserving and celebrating tradition has been evident through various initiatives, including cultural events and more. This auspicious occasion marked yet another milestone for the organizers, who had previously inaugurated temples in Mira Road and Naigaon. Their efforts have not only improved the quality of life for the residents but also strengthened the bond among community members.

The Ganesh Temple inauguration in Vasai is yet another testament to the Rashmi Group's. It signifies their understanding of the importance of spirituality and cultural heritage in bringing people together.

Chief Guest's Commendation

The chief guest, honorable Rupesh Jadhav Ji (Ex-Mahapor), and honorable Umesh Nayak Ji with other special guests, Karyakarta graced their presence, and addressed the gathering, offering words of appreciation and gratitude. They expressed heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support of the community, emphasizing its pivotal role in bringing the divine abode to life. The chief guest's speech resonated with a sense of unity and shared accomplishment, recognizing the collaborative effort that made the realization of the sacred space possible.

Highlights of the Remarkable Temple Inauguration  

On the day of the Ganesh temple inauguration in Vasai, a unique and heartwarming event unfolded as part of the celebrations. As a gesture of communal bonding, further enhancing the joyous atmosphere. Devotees gathered in unison to participate in the rituals, the sanctum of the temple housed not only the idol of Lord Ganesh but also featured a mesmerizing vigrah of Lord Shiva Parvati, radiating blessings upon the devotees. The entire family, clad in traditional attire, graced the occasion with their presence, having observed a solemn fast for three days as a symbol of their commitment to the welfare of the community. 

The commencement of Shree Ramcharitmas marked the first day, ushering in the welcome and auspicious beginnings. The second day, graced with Purnahuti and mandap puja. The pinnacle of the celebration unfolded on the third day which was on 22nd January with vigrah Pranpratishtha and Mahaprasad.

Amidst the melodious chanting of mantras, a lengthy hawan took place, symbolizing purification and divine blessings for the newly inaugurated temple. A significant highlight was the puja conducted with 501 Kalash, each representing a sacred offering to the deities. The extended family, comprising society members, existing homeowners, friends, and political leaders, including MLA and supporters, gathered to celebrate this joyous moment. The day coincidentally aligned with the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, amplifying the spiritual significance of the event. A grand procession followed, with each member carrying a Kalash on their head, taking ahead the tradition as the distribution of prasad added a sweet touch to the occasion, bringing smiles to the faces of those present.

Amidst the festivities, there was a collective acknowledgment of the saying, Ghar Ho To Aisa , (A home like no other)” emphasizing the importance of a home that reflects physical comfort and spiritual well-being. The trustees thanked the devotees for their tireless contributions, reinforcing the idea that the temple stands as a symbol of their shared aspirations and the harmonious future they are collectively building.

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