For 11 years, uncle made a victim of lust, wanted to get married but

An incident has been reported from Muradnagar in Ghaziabad (Ghaziabad Crime News). In fact, a young woman's uncle allegedly kidnapped her and raped her for 11 years. The victim has now reached the police station and lodged a complaint against her uncle. She has demanded action in the matter. In this case, the victim reached the police station with her family and lodged a complaint with in-charge Satish Kumar and the complaint says, 'She had gone to the farm 11 years ago to get fodder when her uncle kidnapped her (Girl Kidnapping). '

The case is said to be from a village in the Muradnagar police station area. In this case, the victim alleged that her uncle has been continuously raping her by taking her hostage for the past 11 years. Briefing the police in the case, the girl said, 'Whenever she tries to protest, she is brutally beaten up. She is locked in the room for several days and given food. The victim also alleged that the accused Uncle wanted to marry her forcibly. The accused threatened to blow acid on her mouth if the girl did not marry him.

The victim also said that she escaped from the clutches of her uncle and fled to Delhi. There she met her brother. The brother recognized her as soon as he saw the sister. She then narrated the ordeal to her family. The victim has now lodged a complaint against uncle demanding strict action from the police in the case.

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