Ginger and garlic pickles to keep you healthy in winter

Ginger and garlic are the best in winter and are used in every household. Sometimes it is added to the vegetable and sometimes in tea and dal. You all must know that ginger-garlic Taseer is very hot and that is why it is very beneficial. It is considered very beneficial to consume it in winter. You can also consume ginger and garlic as pickles if you like. Today we are going to tell you how you can make ginger and garlic pickles.

Method of making ginger and garlic pickles- First wash both ginger and garlic pickles thoroughly and keep them for drying in the sun. Now put it in a jar. Then heat oil in a pan. Now add rye, fenugreek, fennel, kalonji and celery. Then mix them well. Now let this mixture be lukewarm. Then put the mixture in a jar containing ginger and garlic. Now mix all these ingredients well. Then cover the pickle jar with a cotton cloth and keep it in the sun every day. Stir it after about a week, which will mix the pickle well. Now you can consume this pickle daily. You will benefit from eating it.

This delicious and crispy ginger and garlic pickle is extremely hot so consume this pickle in limited quantities. According to Ayurveda, people of biliary nature should avoid eating ginger and garlic pickles. Excessive consumption of it can lead to stomach irritation.

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