Girls do these 3 mistakes while applying nail paint
Girls do these 3 mistakes while applying nail paint

Women nowadays are quite much more aware of their beauty maintenance. But in a hurry, she also spoils her look. She uses a variety of cosmetic products, tries home remedies and goes to parlors. Surprisingly, though, women pay the most attention to their faces. Moreover, she forgets to pay attention to her hands. Some women are foolishly able to maintain the beauty of nails, so their nail paint does not look unattractive. So we're going to tell you what tips to follow for Nelson.

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Do not apply a base coat before nail polish
Often women apply Nail Polish nails directly, shortly after which the nail polish begins to crumble. If you apply nail polish before applying a base coat on the nail, it works to keep both your nails and Nail Polish safe. In fact, the basecoat form a layer between the nail layer and the Nail Polish, thereby avoiding the skin-damaging elements of nail polish.

The base coat gives your nails a smooth texture, while protecting the stains of Nail Polish and the upper layer of the nail from being removed. This makes your nail polish look even more shiny. Also, avoid this tendency if you repeatedly prefer to change nail polish in an amateur, as the removal of nail polish from the remover also leads to the removal of the top layer of the nail, thereby reducing the nail's natural glow.

It is not advisable to lie down on the bed after applying nail polish
After applying nailpaint on the nails, many women think that the nails are dry in just five minutes and that they go to the bath, but the nails do not dry up completely so quickly. The paint is removed quickly by taking a bath immediately after applying the nailpaint.

Also, if you are sleepy with nail polishing, do not lie down on the bed, as it can lead to nail paint sheets and spoil the beauty of the nails.

Do not do kitchen work immediately after applying nail paint
After applying nail paint, many women engage in household chores such as kitchen chores such as vegetable cutting, washing utensils or cooking. If you have nail Polish, avoid soaking your hands in water, do not even sit in the laundry immediately. If laundry is necessary, apply nail polish after washing as the layer of nail polish is smoothed out quickly with soap and wetness.

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