Girls get free from Pads and Tampoons !
Girls get free from Pads and Tampoons !

Twins Radha and Miki Agrawal with their friend Antonia Dunbar have invented something which make you all free from Pads and Tampoons . Periods are monthly issues of girls whether she is at home or working at workplace.

The girls invented THINX , a self-absorbing, washable, leak-proof underwear that eliminates the need for tampons or pads. This surely makes life of girls much easier. Periods are unwanted guest in every month to every female and to whom who are constantly worried about keeping track of their dates, and period stains, this is the happy news for all the girls.

The new product is panty and according to instructions, these panties can be machine washed on the cold cycle setting though recommended to hand-rinse. Currently, it comes in three styles: Thong, Cheeky and Hiphugger.

Isn't it great n happy news girls!!!


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