Glenn Armstrong & Lady Charlotte Armstrong - The Power Couple

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is an entrepreneur and an amazing actress. She is a rebellious woman who dreams high and knows how to fulfil them. This Strong woman handles her company with utmost grace and glitters. She was born on 7 December 1986 to her parents in  Essex, England. Lady Charlotte’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Just like her Zodiac sign, she is free-spirited and challenging. She is the CEO of  “‘Too Glam HQ”, which makes Vegan-friendly hair products using biodegradable diamond dust and she is the only entrepreneur to do this. This optimistic lady was raised in a Catholic household and she holds British Nationality. She currently resides in a palatial home in Westminster, Central London. She moved to London 

in  2004 by investing in properties. In 2017, he drew the world’s attention through his book called “How To Become a Property Millionaire” where he talks about his life’s experiences and his path to success.

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is the mother of five children. She has two adorable puppies and she loves meditating and doing yoga. This couple has 27 years of age gap between them but their love for each other never bridged between them. They stood strong for each other having each other back and constantly cheering for each other. She is a self-made strong independent woman who knows how to reach her goals and stand strong.  

Apart from being just an entrepreneur, she is an amazing actress who in her childhood performed as a child Actress in BBC School Drama ‘Hope & Glory’ with Lenny Henry. She was also a resident Child Model on British ‘Show This Morning’. Lady Charlotte is highly educated and has also attended Guildhall School of Music & Drama. She is a fashion designer whose several designed dresses have been launched at gala events. She keeps herself calm and fit by doing yoga and mediation. 

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