Glycerin removes hair dryness
Glycerin removes hair dryness

Nowadays, you may have used gisirin to increase the beauty of your face, but do you know that glycerin not only helps to make your skin beautiful, but it can also make your hair beautiful and shiny. Yes its true, Today we are going to tell you about some of the benefits of glycerin for hair.

1- If you want to make your hair beautiful and shiny, use glycerin to wash your hair for it, to use it, take glycerin and water in equal proportion to use it, now shampoo your hair After this wash your hair with this water, and then after half an hour clean your hair with warm hot water, doing this will make your hair beautiful and shiny Dryness of hair will also be removed.

2- The use of glycerin can also remove the problem of dandruff in the hair. For this, put together glycerin and rose water in a bottle. Now, after bathing this mixture, take a little hand in the hands and with the help of fingers, in the roots of your hair. Dandruff goes completely by doing this.

So try glycerin to make your hair shiny and glossy.


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