Saudi Arabia's govt happy with gold reserves found in Medina

Abu Dhabi: New reserves of gold and copper have been found in Saudi Arabia. This is very pleasing to the Saudi Government, as the new gold reserves will attract more global and local investors of the country, which will be expected to increase more investment in the mining sector.

Saudi Arabia's Geological Survey has announced the discovery of new gold and copper ore sites. The areas of Saudi Arabia where the gold ore sites have been found are present on the borders of Aba al-Raha, Umm al-Barak Shield, and Hijaz in Medina. The discovery of gold in this area of Medina is also important because earlier there was a shortage of gold ore in the Umm Al-Barak Shield. According to the report, the new discovery of gold and copper ore sites in Saudi Arabia is expected to attract local and global investors.   

Not only this but this new discovery is also expected to create about four thousand new jobs in Saudi. Experts say that this new discovery will create new possibilities for mining in Saudi Arabia. Along with this, more possibilities for investment in this sector will also open up.  

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