Gold valued Rs 47.55 lakh was seized at Hyderabad airport,

HYDERABAD: Customs authorities at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) confiscated 970 grammes of gold paste from a passenger who had hidden it in bandages wrapped to both legs' calves.

A male passenger arriving from Sharjah on Sunday had his gold valued at Rs 47.55 lakh seized. A gold smuggling charge has been filed against the passenger.A complaint of gold smuggling was filed against another person who landed from Dubai on Monday, according to Customs officers.

Officials were able to retrieve 442.6 grammes of gold worth Rs 21.70 lakh. The gold was hidden in a specially sewn pocket of underpants in paste form. Passengers have been found inventing new ways to smuggle gold, officials said.

Officials recovered 330 kilos of gold wires with white rhodium plating polish worth Rs 16.18 lakh from a male traveller arriving from Dubai on January 7. The gold was hidden inside the trolley bag's metal frame.

On December 30, Customs officers seized a case of gold smuggling by a traveller arriving from Sharjah. In the specially stitched strips within the trouser, he had hidden gold in paste form. The gold, weighing 234.05 kilos and worth Rs 11.54 lakhs, was recovered and seized.

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