If a cat does excreta in your house, then good news is waiting for you

Sep 04 2019 04:17 PM
If a cat does excreta in your house, then good news is waiting for you

We are all aware that often birds come and sit in the house-courtyard. In such a situation, many of us become happy only after hearing their tweet and many people give them grains of water. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the hidden signal behind the bid of birds. There are many such signs hidden in the dialect of G. Dral birds that point towards the future. In such a situation, this bird starts giving signs in advance about whatever is to be auspicious or inauspicious. So let us know today how the birds give signs.

# It is said that if the cuckoo sits on the roof of the house and make a melodious voice, then the owner of the house is lucky, because on the roof of the house, when there is a cuckoo, there will definitely be an increase in wealth.

# It is said that if suddenly the cow starts to roam inside the door of the house, then it is a sign of good luck and if the monkey puts a mango kernel from somewhere in the courtyard of your house, then you are going to benefit greatly.

# If the crow makes sounds near the main gate of the house in the morning, then it should be understood that someone is coming to the house and if the crow speaks in the afternoon then a guest can come to meet you.

# If a bird brings a piece of silver or other silver in your house, then suddenly Lakshmi will come from somewhere to you.

# With this, if the cat gives birth in the house, terrace or any room, then understand that wealth is going to come and in the house where the cats often come out and defecate, some signs of auspiciousness appear and Where cats often fight, it is inauspicious.

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