In earlier times, these 9 religions were popular on earth, know about them!

In the early days, all used to live wildlife. In the name of religion, there were thousands of religious religions in which nature, ancestors and many imaginary gods were worshiped. Today we are going to tell you about some such unknown religion, about which you will not even know. Each clan or community had its own god. But as understanding grew, religion began to develop. Know about those 9 religions.

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1. Hinduism- Vedic religion first started. This religion came into existence around 20000 BC. Puranic religion started from this after the creation of Puranas.

2. Jainism- Jainism is also a very ancient religion like Hinduism. King Janak was a follower of this religion during the Ramayana period and Neminath was the 22nd Tirthankara of Jainism during the Mahabharata period. This religion is the original religion of India in the tradition of 24 Tirthankaras.

3. Yajidi - Yajidi religion is one of the oldest religious traditions of the ancient world. According to the calculation of Yazidis, this tradition in Arabia is 6,763 years old, that is, this tradition is already in place before Jews, Christians, and Muslims 4,748 years before Christ.

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4. Judaism - The capital of Israel is Judaism. By the way, like Judaism, two Judaism is also a well-formed form of the already existing ancient tradition. Its beginning is believed to be from 2000 BC. It originally started with Prof. Abraham. Then a new face was given to this religion during Prof. Moses. This new form was called Judaism.

5. Pagan religion- Those who believe in Pagan religion is considered to be of Germanic Hith origin, but they were also in abundance in Rome, Arabia, and other areas. Although its expansion was more in Europe itself. This religion existed before Christianity. Yazidi, Mushrik, Sabian, and Judaism were prevalent in ancient Arabia along with Pagan. Its existence almost disappeared after the arrival of Islam.

6. Zoroastrian (Parsi) religion- This religion was founded by Prof. Zarathustra in Persia (present-day Iran). This was the rule of ancient Iran. Historians believe that Zarathustra took place between 1700-1500 BC. It was around the same time that King Sudas ruled Aryavarta and on the other hand, Hazrat Ibrahim was propagating his religion. In Iran, Parsi, Gnosticism, Yazdanism was in Ahl e Haqq Prakanchal, but Shia and Sufi religions are currently in practice for those who believe in Islam.

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7. Voodoo religion- It can be considered as the religion of the whole of Africa. This tradition is still alive in the Caribbean Islands. It is called voodoo here. Yuda village is a Voodoo dominated area of Banyan country. It is considered to be more than 6,000 years old religion. After the propagation of Christianity and Islam, the number of its followers decreased and today it has remained confined in some areas of West Africa.

8. Confucian Religion- The great philosopher and thinker of China, Confucius, was born in 551 BCE (28 August or September) in the city of Qifu (Chu Fu) in the eastern province of Shandong (Shan Tung). In India, there was a strong emphasis on the ideas of Lord Mahavira and Buddha. The number of followers of this religion in China was very less.

9. Shinto- This religion is found in Japan. Its existence lasted from 3rd century BC to 8th century BC. Much of the talk of Shinto religion of Japan was derived from Buddhism, yet this religion established its own distinct identity.

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