In Jainism this is the reason why food is taken before sunset!

Aug 30 2019 04:48 PM
In Jainism this is the reason why food is taken before sunset!

Jainism has its own customs. These days, the Jains are celebrating the festival of Paryushan, Which is 10 days for the Digambar society and 8 days for the Shwetamber society. During this time they have to follow a lot of rules. The festival of Paryushan begins on 26th August, which keeps you away from the evil habits of Moha Maya and makes your mind healthy.

Also, if we believe Ayurveda, we should have a meal before sunset. In Jainism, there are rules that food is served before sunset. There are too many reasons behind it.

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In Jainism, there is a clear prohibition of eating at night, because Jainism insists on non-violence, in any form. There are two reasons for not taking food at night the first is Non-violence and the second is better health. The same scientific research has made it clear. According to them, germs that we cannot see directly spread rapidly at night, so after sunset, proper and clean food does not enters the stomach. At the same time, it is considered as violence in Jainism and hence, at night, food is said to be taboo in Jainism and Ayurveda.

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On the other hand, if you want to remain healthy, having a meal before sunset helps the digestive system to stay healthy. Our digestive power weakens at night. Eating early can give enough time to digest the food before bedtime. The festival of Chaturmas is celebrated in the four months of the same rainy season.

During this period, Tapasya, sadhana and puja are performed at one place and according to Jainism, many types of insects and microbes are created during this season, so walking more can harm these organisms, so Jain monks sit at the same place. They do penance, self-violence, and discourse and also follow non-violence fully.

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