Paryushan Parv: The best way to get rid of anger, greed, and purification!
Paryushan Parv: The best way to get rid of anger, greed, and purification!

In Jainism, the festival of Paryushan is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapad and is special for Shwetamber and Digambar community members. The festival has already begun, which is very special for them. In Jainism, this festival is of great importance. In some of the important religious festivals of Jainism, Paryushan is considered to be very important.

It is called the Daslakshan festival because it lasts for ten days. During this period, followers of Jainism introspect through exquisite forgiveness, perfect Mardav, perfect defecation, perfect truth, perfect moderation, perfect austerity, exquisite sacrifice, exquisite renunciation.

Paryushan started from today, Significance of Paryushan in Jainism

During these ten days, Jains have to follow a variety of rules. Or rather, it is a festival to clear the dust of thoughts on the mind. During this time, it removes the attachment of the mind, Maya and dust. People will fast and offer prayers in the name of God for the next 8-10 days as they celebrate this festival. Jains seek a way to get rid of all the disorders of the mind during this festival - anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, and ill-will. At the same time, they find a way to overcome these vices and lead themselves to peace and purity.

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Shwetamber societies celebrate the festival for 8 days, which is called 'Ashtanika', whereas The Digambars celebrate for 10 days, which they call 'Dasakna'.  The key things of this festival are rooted in the 5 principles of Jainism. These principles are non-violence (not to hurt anyone), truth, non-theft, celibacy and indifference (not excessive accumulation of excess wealth).

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