The Importance of Raksha Bandhan Is Different in Jainism, know The Story

Aug 15 2019 11:51 AM
The Importance of Raksha Bandhan Is Different in Jainism, know The Story

Festivals are considered in every religion. Similarly, Jains and Hindus have a history of shared culture. Just as Hinduism has different stories in the Puranas about celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan, there is a distinct belief in Celebrating the Raksha Bandhan in Jainism. The story behind this is something different that Jains consider. Today's Raksha Bandhan festival lets you tell you its story.

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To give details, this narrative is based on the protection of 700 munis by a muni. This story itself is the basis of the festival of Rakhi. According to this legend, King Mahapadam of Hastinapur handed over the Rajbhar to his eldest son Padmaraj. Along with him, his younger son Vishnu Kumar accompanied his father on the path of attaining imperishable salvation. On the other hand, the ministers of King Srivarma of Ujjaini Nagari were Bali Namuchi, Bhraspati and Prahlad. All four were staunch opponents of Jainism.

Once, Akmanacharya Muni accompanied 700 of his disciples. They stayed in the garden outside the city. When Acharya came to know that the four ministers of the king were arrogant and opposed to Jainism. Acharya called the disciples and commanded them to meditate in silence when the king and the minister came here. There will be no dissonance and there will be no conflict.

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All of them filled up the obey of the Master. Muni, named Shrutsagar, was not present at this time. That's why they didn't know it. When the kings came to Muni's visions in the forest, including ministers, the Muni Sangh was silent. One of the Ministers looking at it said, "Look, the king is not speaking because there is no lore. The ministers then strongly condemned the munis.

At this time, Shrutsagar was returning from Muni Nagar. When he heard this, he asked the ministers to do scripture. In scripture, the ministers were defeated badly and the kings bowed down to Muni's arguments. The minister considered it an insult and then left. When Shrutsagar Muni came and narrated the whole account to the Guru, the Acharya asked him to go to the same place in the forest and do penance in the same place where he had done the scripture so that the prefix chasers did not come.

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It was so certain that the minister would prefix up with the insults. That's what happened. The meditator Muni Shrutsagar was attacked by ministers with a chance. As soon as they lifted the sword, Vandev came and rooted them. When the news came to the king, he expelled the ministers. Now the four ministers left Hastinapura. He sought a job from The King Padmarai. The king held him in worthy positions. To gain Padmaray's trust, the sacrificial minister diplomatically and deceitfully subjugated a rebellious king. Now, what was Padmaraya happy asked him to ask for.

He said, "I will ask for it when the time comes. After some time, the Akmanacharya Muni Sangha arrived at Hastinapur. Raja Padmaray was an Ananya Jain devotee. When the sacrificial fire came to know about it, there was a sense of revenge inside it. He asked the king for his bride and said, "King make me king for seven days." The king gave him the bridegroom and gave him the king and went to the palace to rest assured. Here, the sacrifice began to make his moves. He started prefixing the union of 700 munis, tied up a thorny garden around the site where the Muni Sangh was set up, naming it as the soft sacrificial fire, putting it in the animal's home, bone, meat, leather, etc. This caused trouble to the munis with the odour and contaminated air. They sacrificed food and took the Samadhi. Munis began to cry, their eyes started to get water, and it became difficult for them to breathe.

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The townspeople also gave up food and water in view of their distress. On the other hand, in the forest of Mithilapur, a master named Sagarchandra, who knows this prefix on the munis with period knowledge, said to his disciple Pushpadanta, "You become sky-bound and be gratuitous to Vishnukumar Muni on the Dharnibhushan mountain, he has attained the action. The Khillak Pushpadant arrived at the mountain after receiving the permission of the Guru and requested to protect the munis. Vishnu Kumar Muni came to Hastinapur without delay.

When the land for the third dog was not left, he sacrificially said, "Now I don't have the land, you put a sit on my back." When Muni placed the third dog on the back of the sacrifice, the sacrifice began to tremble. The postures of the gods and devils became vibrating. All the periods came to know the account of knowledge and prayed for forgiveness from Muni. Muni removed the stage from the sacrificial back and appeared in real form. At the same time, the sacrificial fire stopped the sacrificial fire and removed the munis from the prefix. The king also reached there to visit Muni.

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All the devotees of the towns served them the attitude of the munis and brought the munis to the consciousness. When Muni went on a perfectly healthy diet, the devotees made kheer, Sevaiiyaa, etc. for confectionery. The munis also eat and rejoice.

This day was the full moon day of the month of Sravana. On the same day, the Munis were protected. To remember this day, people tied cotton cords in their hands. Since then it began to be regarded as the feast of defence bondage. Then Vishnukumar Muni went to the guru and told his faults and did great penance. Even today, kheer is prepared in the homes of Jains and the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated after the worship of Vishnukumar Muni and the legend.

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