These 10 organs are special in the Dashalan festival of Paryushan Parv

Aug 28 2019 12:11 PM
These 10 organs are special in the Dashalan festival of Paryushan Parv

The Dashalan festival is of great importance in Jainism. The festival has begun on Monday. The festival lasts for ten days in the Digambar Jain society, while it is celebrated for 8 days in Shwetamber Jain. In The Paryushan Feast/Dashalan Best forgiveness on the first day of the Dashalan festival, the second day, the best of the day, the best of the truth on the third day, the best truth on the fourth day, the best defecation on the sixth day, the best restraint on the seventh day, the best sacrifice on the ninth day, the best sacrifice on the ninth day and the tenth day as a pardon and the last day as apologising.

These will be celebrated. During the Dashalan festival, religious influence will be done in the museums. It has 10 organs that you can learn about here.

Paryushan Parv: The best way to get rid of anger, greed, and purification!

1. Forgiveness- Tolerance. Not let anger arise. If anger arises, in your own discretion, humbly remove it. To find the cause of anger within yourself, to think of the evils of anger, not to take care of the foolishness of others. To reflect the qualities of forgiveness.

2. Mardav: Softness in mind and humility in behavior.

3.  Ardav- Emotional cleanliness. whatever you think you should say and then do.

4. Telling the Truth. Speaking benevolent. To speak a little.

5. Defecation: Do not have any greed in mind. Not attachment. Not even the body.

6. Moderation- Keeping the mind, word, and body under control.

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7. Tap-  for the force that is required to remove the austerity.

8. Sacrifice: To give knowledge, abbey, diet, medicine, etc. to the character.

9. Akinability: Don't be a mother in anything. Accepting inadvertent.

10. Celibacy: Practicing virtues and keeping one's own pure.

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