Google added 8 more Indian languages for translation, from Sanskrit to Bhojpuri

Now 8 more Indian languages have been added for translation on Google Translate. Yes, under the information received, the search engine Google has included eight Indian languages, including Sanskrit, in Google Translate. The internet firm is constantly adding several regional languages to its online translation platform. Isaac Caswell, the senior software engineer at Google Research, said in an interview, "Sanskrit is the number one and most requested language in Google Translate and now we are finally adding it. We are connecting languages to North East India for the first time.''

Apart from Sanskrit in this list, the latest program of Google Translate includes other Indian languages Assamese, Bhojpuri, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Mizo and Meitillon (Manipuri). Yes and with this, the total number of Indian languages available on Google Translate has now gone up to 19. In fact, this announcement was made at the annual Google Conference I/O that started late on Wednesday night.

Let us also tell all of you that the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the languages of India and 22 Indian languages have been included in this Schedule. However, Google's latest update does not cover all 22 scheduled languages in India and Caswell told ET, "We have made a lot of efforts to minimize this gap of scheduled languages. "

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