Google Announces Discontinuation of HTML version of Gmail in 2024
Google Announces Discontinuation of HTML version of Gmail in 2024

In a recent development, Google has revealed its decision to phase out a long-standing feature within its popular email platform, Gmail, starting in January 2024. The feature in question, Gmail's basic HTML view, will no longer receive support and will be replaced by a new iteration of the platform.

Despite being a staple for over a decade, Gmail's basic HTML view will automatically transition to the Standard view after the specified deadline. To ensure that users are well-informed about this forthcoming change, Google has begun disseminating notifications via email to all Gmail users.

In their message to users, Google conveyed, "We're reaching out to inform you that, beginning in early January 2024, Gmail's Basic HTML view for desktop web and mobile web will be discontinued. The Gmail Basic HTML views represent older versions of Gmail, superseded by their modern counterparts more than a decade ago and lacking several of Gmail's contemporary features." This clarification emphasizes that Gmail Basic HTML views are outdated, replaced versions of Gmail that have been eclipsed by more advanced iterations over the past ten years.

According to Gmail's support documentation, "It's important to note that you can continue to use Gmail in Basic HTML view on your browser until January 2024. Following this date, Gmail will automatically switch to the Standard view." Consequently, users will retain access to the Basic HTML view of Gmail until January 2024, after which the platform will automatically transition to the Standard view.

Gmail's HTML version has primarily been tailored for users with "slower connections and legacy browsers." However, it lacks several features found in the standard Gmail interface, including chat, spell check, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting. Despite these limitations, it has remained valuable for individuals in areas with low connectivity or those seeking a simpler email viewing experience. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether Google intends to introduce an alternative mode to cater to low-connectivity scenarios.

As we approach 2024, Gmail users should prepare for the impending shift away from the Basic HTML view, which marks the end of an era for this long-standing feature within the platform.

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