Google Doodle celebrates 50 years of LGBTQ pride with an animated doodle
Google Doodle celebrates 50 years of LGBTQ pride with an animated doodle

On its home page, search engine giant Google has made a special doodle today named LGBTQ + pride. In many slides, the doodle shows the community's Pride parade of 50 years travel. Pride Month is celebrated in society as a symbol of identity and acceptance of sexuality, such as gay, lesbian, transgender, and sexual sexuality. In the month of June, people with LGBTQ + sexuality take pride in their identity and celebrate it. The journey is shown in a doodle at a span of 10-10 years.

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Like any other celebration, the pride for the LGBTQ + community and it embodies their freedom and acceptability. A pride parade is held on Christopher Street in New York City, where people from the LGBTQ + community participate. It is a chance for them to be proud, and such pride parades are organized by people of this community in different countries around the world, apart from New York. LGBTQ + sexuality has long been ruled out worldwide and the long fight for its rights has had to be fought in society.

The world still criminalizes homosexuality in many countries. The voice against this discriminatory attitude first arose in the United States and the fight to recognize homosexuality started only 1950. The voice of change was heard here until 1960. There was also a large section of people who were protesting against homosexuality. The protests intensified and took off on gay and transgender streets in the US. It was the world's first Pride parade and later also symbolized a major change. This year's Pride parade in New York will be special because 50 years of LGBTQ + are being completed this time. As well as the parade will be held during the Pride Month in many countries of the world. The people of the LGBTQ + community held a parade in Pune, India, on June 2, and participated in hundreds. Many foreigners also became part of it. In India, it has been excluded from the crime category in recognition of homosexuality. The landmark decision was pronounced by the Supreme Court on September 6, 2018.

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