Google flagship Pixel 4 design will look like the next iPhone

Jun 16 2019 05:08 PM
Google flagship Pixel 4 design will look like the next iPhone

A few months left before the official announcement of Pixel 4, but Google has already published the first image of a smartphone. It shows the back panel of the device, which is a square module with a dual camera.

The back of the Pixel 4, like the Pixel 3, is completely glass. But this time it is not two-color, as was the case with all other devices in the series, but monophonic.

In the upper left corner is a square module with a double camera. Most likely, the modules have different focal lengths, and one of them is wide-angle.

Under the sensors is an LED flash, and on top is another element. Perhaps this is laser autofocus. To the right of the flash is a microphone hole.

Apart from the power and volume buttons, there is nothing more interesting in the picture. It is worth noting that this time there is no fingerprint sensor at the back: most likely, it is built into the screen.

It is noteworthy that Google Pixel 4 looks like the next iPhone. At least, if you believe the renderers that hit the network earlier and which show a square module for the camera.

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