Google earns huge from news, journalists may get big part

Jun 11 2019 05:35 PM
Google earns huge from news, journalists may get big part

In 2018 last year, Google has grossed 4.7 billion from news business, or about Rs 32,900 crore. Google has earned it from news search in Google News and Google search. The amount is reported to be more than the earnings from the total ticket sales of two Avengers films. This particular knowledge of Google's earnings has been derived from a report from the News Media Alliance (NMA).

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For your information, Google's total earnings from the news in the year 2018 are nearing the total expenditure incurred in the news industry advertising in the US last year. Last year, the news industry in the US spent nearly 5.1 billion dollars, or about Rs 35,438 crore, on digital advertising. In the New York Times report, NMA chief executive David Sheverne has said that journalists from all over the world have produced news , They should get some share of Google's earnings of this $4.7 billion.  Let's say that the NMA is the institution representing more than 2,000 newspapers in the United States.

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On the news publishing website, the traffic from Google from January 2017 to January 2018 has been 25 per cent, or about 1.6 billion visits per week. The NMA has also claimed that the report does not add to Google's earnings that it earns from the data of any users who clicked on Google News. The report says that Google's trending searches 40 per cent for search news. Google then gives news from all websites according to People's search but does not give them anything to which Google searches users. After the search, Google shows the headline of its related news to users. In this way the news website gets traffic. But he doesn't get anything financially.


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