Google Maps comes adds this amazing feature

May 31 2020 07:44 PM
Google Maps comes adds this amazing feature

A new update has been rolled out for Google Maps. With this new update, the location sharing feature of Google Maps has been upgraded. Now users will be able to share their location through plus codes. This feature has currently been added to Google Maps for Android users. Let us tell you that the option of plus code in Google Maps has been available since August 2015, but in the new change, users will be able to use it to reach the exit location easily by extending plus codes.

Let us tell you that the plus code for navigators is a digital address which is created through longitude and latitude co-ordination. These longitudes and latitudes are generated by the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the Google Maps Navigating App. Plus Code Generation Technology has been rolled out in the created Digital Address. David Martin, Director Program Management, Google Maps, stated in his statement that the technology that generates Plus Code is also an open source code, which means that This technology is inexpensive and free to use, so anyone can see how this technology works and can develop their own app based on it.

Apart from this, users have to tap on the blue dot in the map to see the plus code in the location shared in Google Maps. Or, if the user wishes, he can get the code by long-pressing on any spot and marking a pin there. Apart from this plus code feature, many more new things have been added to Google Maps, including saving the parking by looking at the Nearby Places. As soon as the plus code appears on your screen, you will be able to copy it and share it with your contacts. It can be shared through WhatsApp as well as text messages or other messaging tools.

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