Google rules to be changed from January 1, you too know today

The rules are being changed by Google on the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. This is going to have a direct impact on online payments. The new rule is set to apply to all Google services such as Google Aid, YouTube, Google Play Store, and other payment services. In this case, Google Service users should know about the changes in the new rules of the required Google.

New rule applicable to RBI guidelines: From January 1, 2022, Google is not going to save customers' card details such as card numbers and expiry dates. Tell me Google're save your card details before that. In such a case, when the customer made a payment, he would have to enter only his CVV number. However, after January 1, customers will have to remember the card number as well as the expiry date to make manual online payments. In fact, the RBI has issued an order not to save card details to protect sensitive information.

Impact on manual payers: If you use a visa or mastercard, you will have to atharise to save the card details in the new format. You need to make the same manual payment with your existing card details. To avoid re-entering your card details later, it is mandatory to complete the payment before December 31, 2021.

Details to be entered from January 1: If you use RuPay, American Express, Discover or Diners Card, your card details will not be saved by the Google after 31st December, 2021. These cards do not accept the new format. In this case, from 1st January, 2022, you will be required to enter the card details on every manual payment.

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