Google to launch Dynamic Emails features for it's Gmail users
Google to launch Dynamic Emails features for it's Gmail users

While the dynamic email feature was announced in March this year, Google said that the feature will change the manner in which Gmail users send email read and reply. Users will be able to see lightning bolts next to a message to recognize that this is a dynamic email. Google has written in a blog post that this dynamic email feature will be launched by default on behalf of all domains and will be available to users. This means users using G-suite will also get access to this feature if they do not disable it by going to the Google Admin console. That would be useful for the users.

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Users will be able to easily take action with the help of dynamic email in messages. For example, RSVP for an event, filling out a quiz, browsing the catalog, and replying to a document will be able to be done in the same message. Understand how to make it clear, if a user wants to make a case in a Google document, the up-to-date thread will appear in Gmail instead of the individual email for each notification now, if they are in a document. There is a facility to reply easily while in messages.

For your information, Google has made it clear that anyone who wants to send business dynamic email users will initially have to accept some of Google's guidelines. Then there will be a Gmail review before sending them. The dynamic email is based on the amp for emails project brought on by Google last year. It was intended to create static interactive pages in Gmail that would be dynamic in nature. Let's say, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail already serve the amp page. If you want to use the dynamic email feature, you'll need to click the Gmail sign in the top right and then go to settings and enable ' dynamic email '. At the moment, this feature will not be available to users who use any other mail app for Gmail and are labeled on the Web. The rest of the users will see the static version. A dynamic email will help users see a thread of messages whenever they are in a Google dock. Previously, there were separate email notifications that took more space in the Inbox. You are going to get rid of it now.

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